By placing an order on our website you hereby agree to be bound by all of our all terms, policies, and conditions. You agree to provide valid and accurate order, address, billing, and payment information. You agree that you are authorized to place the order, either as the cardholder, or an authorized agent of the cardholder in accordance with applicable law and the terms of the card issuer or bank. Using any payment and/or billing information without the authority to do so is a crime and we will report any such activity to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, even if an order is not processed, if we find evidence of possible fraud or criminal activity. You agree to be liable for any associated costs and penalties resulting from any breach of this agreement.


Most shipments are sent within 3 business days from the date the order is placed or sooner. In some cases, orders may require additional verification and/or review, for fraud prevention and/or address and customer information verification and authentication - which may result in further delays. We reserve the right to cancel or hold for review, any order, for any reason, including but not limited to: fraud prevention, verification, and address/customer information verification.

Economy Shipping delivery time is anywhere from 7-21 days. Most orders are delivered within 7-14 days on average but some may arrive in as long as 21 days.

Standard Shipping will be sent via UPS Ground, or USPS Parcel Post or similar methods. Estimated delivery time on average is 4-14 business days. In many cases, the delivery time is sooner, but in some instances, such as peak mailing periods, weather delays, certain locations etc. the delivery time may be longer.

Expedited Shipping will be sent via UPS 2-day air, USPS first class mail, priority mail, or similar methods. Estimated delivery time is around 2-5 business days. Expedited shipping is not overnight delivery and is still subject to the 1-3 average lead time for processing before shipment.

All delivery timeframes provided are estimates only and for any order, there is additional lead time as described above, prior to shipment, required for order processing and verification. We are in no way responsible for any delay in delivery nor are we responsible for the service provided by any carrier.

Backordered Items

We make every effort to keep our inventory current and only offer items which are in stock or will be restocked within a very short time period. However, in some cases, an item may be backordered for a longer prior of time. Notices will be sent if there is a backorder or other inventory delay.

Lost Packages

Any package which has been sent and not confirmed delivered or returned to sender within 21 days after being mailed - is considered lost. We will replace any such shipments at no additional cost to the buyer. In the event that we cannot replace any order due to insufficient inventory or other issues - we will contact the customer to ask for approval of a substitution(s) or else we will cancel and refund the order.

Order Cancellations/Modifications

Due to the nature of our inventory system, cancellations or modifications to any order are not permitted in any instance - no exceptions. This applies even if immediate contact is made via any method. Immediately after an order is placed, the associated stock is reserved, and the order is sent to processing and cannot be altered or cancelled. We apologize, but in order to provide the fastest and most accurate order processing possible, our system is set up in this way. Any order is eligible for return or exchange according to our terms and policies below. If you attempt to cancel payment through your card issuer or bank, this is in violation of our terms of sale and will be subject to an additional $100 fee plus any additional related costs.

Return Policy


We offer a 14 day return/exchange for any item listed for sale on our website, unless otherwise noted. The 14 day time period begins on the date of confirmed delivery of any order, and specifically - this means that we MUST RECEIVE the returned item(s) within 14 days from the date of confirmed delivery. All returns/exchanges must be initiated within 7 days of confirmed delivery. For example, an order delivered on April 1st, must be sent back to us by April 8th, and received by us no later than April 15th. We apologize, but in order to efficiently maintain our inventory, no exchange can be initiated after 7 days from confirmed delivery, or processed if received by us beyond 14 days from the confirmed delivery date. Some items may have additional restrictions and if so, the terms/restrictions will be stated in the item description for any such item. Please note that personal care, beauty, makeup, and some other items may not be returned for any reason if the items have been used in any way.

All returns and exchanges must be authorized. You must create a customer login or use your existing login on our website in order to initiate the exchange. Exchanges are not processed via email. There is a simple and streamlined process within your customer account:

  1. Access the "Orders History" section in your account.
  2. Select the order from which you wish to return/exchange any item(s).
  3. Select the item(s) that you to return by checking the box next to its name(s).
  4. You may also leave optional comments
  5. Status will first show as "waiting for confirmation"
  6. Status will then be updated to "waiting for package" within 24-48 hours if the return is eligible and approved
  7. You then can create an RMA from within this same page and you will receive instructions and an RMA slip.

You must include a valid RMA slip with your item(s) or else the return/exchange will not be processed. We suggest that you use a trackable method of shipment. Return shipping fees must be covered by the buyer in all cases - including instances where incorrect, damaged, or defective merchandise is received. No prepaid return label will be provided in any instance. These terms were agreed to at checkout. The return address to send the particular item(s) to is listed on your RMA slip (pdf file).

How Returns and Exchanges are Processed

All returns and exchanges are processed as store credit only - no exceptions. The store credit does not expire. Any shipping fees and/or tax are non-refundable for any reason, except in 2 cases: where incorrect merchandise is received, or where an item received is damaged during transit and an official report has been made with the carrier and provided to us.

A notice will be sent when the return/exchange has been received and processed. You may use the store credit to purchase any item(s) from our website. You may choose the same item, a variation of the same item, or you may choose different a item(s) of similar value using the store credit. You may also use the store credit for part of your order and pay the remaining balance through any of our accepted payment methods.

NOTE: Returns can take up to 7 business days, or longer in some cases, to process from the time the returned package is received. Once reviewed and approved, store credit will be issued and notices sent via email and to the customer account - the status will also update to "RETURN COMPLETED." Emailing us before a return is processed (i.e. immediately after your tracking shows we received the return asking for immediate credit) may delay processing and completion of the return.

Using Store Credit

Once you receive notice that your return has been processed and completed, you will be issued store credit according to our terms for returns and exchanges stated above. You can log into our website using "sign in" located at the top of any page, and then log into our website the same as you did to initiate the return. You can see your store credit under "my vouchers." This code can be entered at checkout in the "Coupons" section for any order, and can be applied to any item or items you wish to purchase. You may also order any additional item(s) above the store credit amount, and pay the difference. Stock varies and some items or styles may not be in stock at the time the store credit is issued, even though stock was sufficient at the time the order was placed or the return initiated.

Store Credit, Coupons and Discounts Terms Of Use

We reserve the right to dishonor, discontinue, limit, or terminate, any coupon, discount, or store credit code, for any reason, and at any time, without notice. It is the customer's responsibility to properly apply any store credit, discount, or coupon code properly at checkout, by entering the code in the "coupons" section and ensuring that it has been accepted and applied properly. Store credit, discount, or coupon codes MUST be entered at the time of checkout, and cannot be applied retroactively after any order has been placed. Furthermore, no order can be cancelled or modified for the purposes of applying a store credit, discount, or coupon code. For example, a customer may not place an order, forget to enter a store credit, discount, or coupon code, and then ask to cancel the order and then place a new order and include the code. All orders are subject to the no cancellation and no modification terms stated above (See Order Cancellations/Modifications). Store credit, discount, or coupon codes cannot be applied to any existing order, even if it was just recently placed.


You agree to use binding arbitration, in the state of New York, as the sole method of dispute resolution, with expenses shared equally by both parties. You agree to allow us 60 days from the transaction date to resolve any dispute directly, before using arbitration. You agree to be liable for $100 plus any additional administrative and other costs for any breach of this sales contract, or this arbitration clause. Breaches shall include, but are not limited to: a chargeback or cardholder dispute, Paypal complaint or dispute, negative public comment, review, or any other form of dispute, complaint, public posting/review, or filing of any kind to any third party. You agree to be billed through a collections agency for all such costs related to a breach of the sales contract or arbitration agreement.

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